Brussels, 25 March 2020

Ahead of the European Parliament’s vote on first coronavirus measures during the extraordinary plenary session on 26 March, Siegfried MURESAN MEP, the European People’s Party (EPP) Vice President and EPP Group Vice-Chair responsible for EU Budget, proposed to mobilise additional 4.1 bn EUR in the EU Budget.

“Unprecedented times require unprecedented actions. The EPP fully supports the European Commission’s proposed measures and will push for their swift adoption as a matter of urgency in the plenary. This means that the group will not put forward any amendments and will reject any such changes coming from any other political group.

While European and national measures are starting to take shape, we can and must do more to help our citizens, save our economies or protect our union. Until the situation is stabilised and we have more predictability about the impact of the current crisis, the European Commission must step up its efforts in proposing further EU initiatives to alleviate the crisis.

The EU Budget is part of the solution to this crisis and must be used to its full extent to support our citizens. Additionally 4.1 bn EUR is currently available in 2020 under the EU budget flexibility provisions. These resources can either be used individually by the member states at a smaller scale or amassed at the EU level so that more is done for everyone. Experience has taught us than when we pull our resources and act together, we are an unbeatable force. This is the time to keep in mind our successes and act again as one.

As always, the EPP Goup stands ready to swiftly adopt any upcoming initiatives so that help arrives to all those in need.”